Juvel is one of the most common words used around the world such as in many European languages with many various ways to pronounce, depending on the region, which the translated directly to English as jewel. The brand focuses on the concept of similar to the variable name pronunciation and translated into jewelry design for everyday wear combined with synthetic crystals and top of the line cubic zirconia with heart and arrow cutting techniques to bring you jewelry accessory at the right price. 
Our 7 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing taught us that design and usability goes hand in hand. Every products in our store are carefully design and/or selected from our trusted partners to ensure that our products are durable for everyday use.  
Juvel Brand was created and owned by Athayu Gems Co., Ltd. which the company is registered under Thai government under Tax ID: 0-1055-55184-02-5 So you know that we are not here just to sell for a couple of years and leave. Whether you would like a new piece of jewelry for yourself or a gift for someone special, you know you can always count on us to serve you.