Product Care:

-The Fancy, The Double, Kite, EJP Collections

Always avoid products come in direct contact with perfumes, makeup, skincare, cream, and sweat. Always dried off perfumes, makeup, skincare, cream, and sweat prior to wear jewelry. All products offered by Juvel are crafted with precious metals and should handle with the utmost care. All Swarovski® Crystals used by Juvel are imported directly Swarovski® headquarters in Austria. It is our recommendation to avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, hairsprays which may permanently damage the product. Sweat and other substances may not directly damage our product, but could leave accumulated layers which may mute the brilliance of our product. To restore the product, gently polish the product with non-coated microfiber cloth. We take extra per-cautious by provide our precious metals with extra layers of precious metals in respective to our manufacturing standards via plating process. The re-plating process can be done at your own risk. Should you inquire us to proceed with re-plating process, extra fee may apply.


Product Care

-Juvel Gatsby, and Classics Collection

Our Juvel Gatsby, and Classics Collection are made from Sterling Silver. Even though sterling silver are non reactive to most chemicals, to ensure that your Gatsby and Classics stays with you for many years to come, please follow our simple guide listed below:

-Soft Cloth can be used to help keep your jewelry clean by gently polishing it.

-Soapy warm water is also recommended but please do avoid using tap water due to high risk of exposing your jewelry to chlorine which can and will damage your jewelry. 

-Should any scratches were to be found on your jewelry, it is highly advised not to use any water to clean your jewelry due to high risk of further oxidation of the material under the surface which will cause your jewelry to be damaged. In such cases, we do advise you to use only soft cloth to clean your jewelry. 

Should you inquire any further assistance on your jewelry piece, please feel free to contact us at anytime on our facebook page ( or e-mail us at 


Replace Policy:

We strive for perfection in every single piece of jewelry that we carry in our store and keep the heritage of hand made jewelry. However, sometimes there are some tiny defects within the jewelry piece which we are more than welcome to replace it for you. In order to process your request, please reach us at our facebook page ( or via e-mail at